10/19/2013 - PROJECT CREATED

As everyone should know, NewsCred purchased DayLife and has no plans to support the Daylife API moving forward. NewsCred provides content access to the entire media posting and is based on a paid subscriber model that is very close to that of LexisNexis in functionality and pricing, which is leaps and bounds more expensive than DayLife ever was.

I've been given access to the NewsCred API test environment, so I should be able to create a client for the entire API, but I won't be able to fully test it on their live servers. The NewsCred Pricing Model is cost prohibitive at this time, but I have been told that they do have a not-for-profit model that uses a very small subset of their API. I will post more once I have a better grasp on their system and what is available.

Project Description
A client API library that allows full .NET access to the entire NewsCred API.

I created this site back in 2006 when I was primarily working with Community Server on the side. I currently no longer support Community Server, but I do have some open source projects that I have been meaning to make available. Here is a list of some of the projects that I have been working on:

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